Sunday Gathering Review: 03.22.09

We had a great Gathering yesterday.  We had a lot of people out of town for spring break, but it was super.  Aarik Danielsen stepped in and led music for Luke (whose wife Ann may be having a baby today!) and did a great job.  I preached from Luke 12:1-12.  Aarik and the band did the following songs yesterday:

  1. "The Glory of God" (Mars Hill)
  2. "Come Ye Sinners" (Indelible Grace)
  3. "Give Us Clean Hands" (Passion; cool "minor" Karis version)
  4. "The Lord Will Provide" (Matthew Smith)
  5. "Jesus, Cast A Look On Me" (Indelible Grace)
  6. "And Can It Be?" (Mars Hill)

Below are yesterday's slides:

Jesus, Our Dangerous Comforter (Luke 12:1-12)

  1. Be real... for He will uncover you (vv. 1-3)
  2. Don't fear... for they can only kill you, for only He can judge you, for He truly cares for you (vv. 4-7)
  3. Be faithful... so He won't deny you (vv. 8-10)
  4. Don't fret... for He will assist you (vv. 11-12)

My main point of the message was that in the presence of the Lord there is a kind of danger, and that same Lord, if we're faithful to Him, leads us into danger.  But in His dangerous presence as He takes us into dangerous places, there is much amazing comfort.