Putting Down Roots Campaign

Karis Church has always desired to be rooted in the center of the city. We spent our first five years ministering in downtown Columbia. We then spent three years gathering inside the walls of Calvary Baptist Church. Worshipping in the First Ward and making that our center for mission makes sense for us. We believe it’s the perfect fit for the long haul.

For that reason, we’re grateful to God for the opportunity to move back into Calvary and make it our permanent home. We’re excited about putting down roots in the First Ward. We want to meet our city’s deepest needs. We long to answer her deepest questions. Our hope is that God would use us, and grow us as He does, to see our city changed from the inside-out.

We’ll begin gathering in our new home on Sunday, November 4th. We are so excited and are so thankful to God for this beautiful facility. However, we think there a few improvements we’d like to make immediately to best serve our neighborhood and meet our needs as a family. For that reason, beginning October 21st, and before January 13th, we’re seeking to raise $100,000. We’re asking you, Karis family, to seek the Lord, trusting Him as you give generously, above and beyond your normal giving, to this project. We’re also asking you to pass this along to family and friends who could also partner with us.


Ways to Give

Online at
Giving Fire
Select “Building Transition” fund

Mail Checks to
606 Ridgeway Avenue
Columbia, MO 65203

In Person
Drop checks in the Giving Kiosk on Sunday Mornings. Just note that it is for the Building Transiting Fund.

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Project 1: Building Start-Up

 One of the most exciting aspects of moving is turning a building into a home. We will make practical and creative changes throughout the building that reflect our identity as a church and provide a welcoming environment for guests. This includes aesthetic changes to the building, much-needed repairs, deep cleaning, and new internal and external signs. 

Karis Kids-01.jpg

Project 3: Karis Kids

Our children's ministry has been bursting at the seams for several years. Our new building provides plenty of room for the children we have and Lord willing, many more to come. But these rooms are in need of some repair and furnishings. With some work, these classrooms will be a safe, fun, place to learn about the Gospel. 


Project 2: Mission Start-Up

We aren't acquiring a new building, Karis Church is putting down roots in a new neighborhood. Our greatest prayer for this move is to become a light to the people of the First Ward. Our hope is for Karis to become the sort of neighbors that the First Ward can depend on for friendship, practical help and of course; answers to their deepest questions. We want to answer the call to Biblical neighboring right away with barbeques and block parties, as well as various service efforts and invitations to check out our church family.

Project 4: Restrooms

For the last few years, our congregation of almost 300 people has gotten by with tiny bathrooms and limited stalls. Upon move-in at 606 Ridgeway, Karis would like to invest in and expand our bathrooms by adding a family bathroom on the main floor. This bathroom would be ideal for those with small children, but would also be an ADA bathroom for those who need it. This will be an expensive project, but it is worthwhile and necessary to best accommodate our growing family in our new home