What is the Karis Legacy?

Karis Church desires multiplications at all levels: more churches, more church planters, more disciples, and more leaders. We want to be a people who leave behind a legacy. We don't want to just focus on the here and now. We want to look to the kingdom and to the future. We are strategically positioned in a place, Columbia, Missouri, where we can impact younger generations, readying them to be used by God to build up His kingdom across the globe. To do that, though, we need your help.


Who can be a part of the Legacy?

  • -Friends and family of past and present Karis members
  • -Karis Alumni
  • -Partners of our missional leadership intern program
  • -Supporters of Karis missionaries
  • -Supporters of church planting

How can you help the Legacy?

  • -Pray for Karis Church as we pursue our vision to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches
  • -Send young people our way to be trained and sent
  • -Contribute financially to our mission of training and sending young people who have little in the way of financial resources

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