At Karis Youth, our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the everyday rhythms of life. We are Gospel and Christ centered.

Our vision with Karis Youth is to encourage 6th-12th graders and their families to grow within the same focus.

• We want our youth to KNOW the GOSPEL.

• We want our youth to CONNECT in COMMUNITY with gospel relationships.

• We want our youth to LIVE the gospel in MISSIONAL activity towards their community and the world.


Every youth to know what the Gospel is, how to explain it, and how to express it in a variety of contexts.

To equip youth in growing in the Gospel, Christ, Community, and Missional expression.

To encourage and equip the youth to be active in their MCs, Karis, and schools.

To encourage and equip the parents as primary disciple-makers of their children.



Karis Youth meets most Sundays 4-5:30 pm in the Ridgeway Activities Building.

Guys/Girls Hangouts- These are scheduled events that are designed so that students and leaders will get time to build connection and a greater sense of community in a gender specific context.

Karis Youth Events- These are whole group events to interact, grow closer, enjoy food and games, and be a presence for the neighborhood. These are designed with a missional focus to love our city and help establish relationships with youth of the city.


Interested in learning more about Karis Youth? Send us an email.