Congratulations on your engagement! We’re excited to help prepare you for your wedding ceremony and marriage. Karis offers crucial resources like pre-marital counseling, pastors to officiate your wedding, and written materials that will help you better prepare for your special day. We pray you will enjoy this time together and be encouraged in the Lord.


Premarital Counseling

Karis provides pre-marital counseling free of charge for Karis members or those in the membership process. After filling out the Karis Premarital Application, you will be contacted by a Karis Wedding Representative and counseling with a Karis elder will be arranged. Karis premarital counseling includes five teaching/counseling sessions that cover the essentials of a healthy marriage. We ask you to be flexible and accommodating since our elders have time demands and constraints as well. We also ask you to consider the importance of premarital counseling by making the scheduling a high priority. Below are the topics that will be covered in premarital counseling:

-Approaching Marriage through the Lens of the Gospel (Introduction, Family Worship) -Marriage that Displays the Gospel: Covenantal Framework, Problem of Divorce -Different by Design for the Gospel: Biblical Roles, Gender Differences -Applying the Gospel through Communication & Conflict -Applying the Gospel in Money & Sex

What is required to be married by a Karis Elder and/ or receive premarital counseling?

-The Bride & Groom must be members or in the membership process -The couple must complete premarital counseling with Karis and meet all requirements as stated in the Karis Wedding/ Premarital Counseling Policies -The couple must fill out the Karis Premarital Counseling Application

Facility Usage

The Karis Westside Facility is available for wedding ceremonies but we currently do not hold wedding receptions at any Karis property.

What is required to use the Karis Westside Facility for wedding ceremonies?

-The Bride & Groom must be members of Karis or in the membership process. -Must Agree to the Karis Wedding Facility Policies & Procedures -Must fill out the Karis Facility Usage Application