8533622474_4663343f01_kFor several years Karis has been sending teams to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We partner with missionary Jay Bauman and Restore Brazil, a ministry that is passionate about gospel-centered church planting, pastoral training, and mercy ministry. In the past our teams have shared the gospel with children in slums, visited orphans, led worship services with prisoners, prayed with crack addicts, and encouraged our Brazilian brothers and sisters in Christ. In addition to our annual trips, Karis has had the privilege of sending Eric Papp and Jessica Fleshman as long-term missionaries to Rio.

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2015 Spring Break team updates: A look at this year's Brazil team Day 1 - arriving and settling in Day 2 - a look at Rio and the City of God Day 3 - VBS and trusting in God's timing Day 4 - Crackland and goodbyes Day 5 - chapel and soccer Day 6 - povery & riches and the vision for Brazil Day 7 - worship on the mountain and serving in the favela


Would you pray for the 2016 team as they raise support and prepare to go to Rio in the Spring?