Churches that plant churches.

One of our Elders, Billy Glosson, talks about why Karis cares about church planting what it means for him and his wife Hannah.

Karis is a part of the Acts 29 Network, a church planting network led by Pastor Matt Chandler and located in Dallas, Texas. The largest church planting movement in America, Acts 29 is known for preaching the historic gospel in a culturally relevant manner and starting more churches that do the same. Through Acts 29, Karis commits to give 10% of its offerings to church planting around the world, while also giving a significant, additional amount to local mission through Missional Communities. In addition, Karis also contributes to the missions work of the SBC, as well as the local Mid-Missouri Baptist Association. Although baptistic in conviction and practice, Karis considers herself to be inter-denominational, working with a number of different streams of Christianity through her partnerships.  Karis Church is excited to announce a new partnership with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. We will become a part of the Midwestern Training Network this year. This will allow Karis Church interns and members to receive a fully-accredited Master of Arts in Theological Studies in two years – all fully online and on campus here in beautiful Columbia, Missouri. Those hours can then easily be transferred into a Master of Divinity program, as well. We’ll have further details down the road. Check out the website for more information.

Global Mission Initiative

A ministry formed and funded by the local church, designed to recruit, assess, train, send, and support Karis missionaries, church planters and pastors. The Global Mission Initiative combines the Karis Internship with a back-end support program created to offer financial, communication, and administrative support for those in Karis’ ministry globally.  

The Mission

The Karis Global Mission is to train leaders in the Gospel in the context of the local church through theological instruction, hands on ministry experience, and intentional shepherding by the leaders in the church. The Karis Mission Initiative seeks to be an advocate for missionaries locally and abroad, in providing training, partnership, and ultimately in sending the missionary. The supreme goal of this initiative being the fulfillment of the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to follow after Jesus. May God’s Glory be magnified.