Led by: Daniel Glosson

Gathers weekly: Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.  

Life is busy. The older people become the less time they seem to have at their disposal. A common response to the myriad of responsibilities we all have is to utilize whatever free time available for hobbies and interests. People look for some form of entertainment to provide relief from the stresses of life. Recognizing this reality, we desire to take our shared hobbies and interests, specifically board games (and the like) and utilize them as a tool for the gospel. We do not want to pile more and more onto already busy schedules but rather take advantage of what is already a regular rhythm in our lives. We do not want our interests to become false idols or a means of escapism but rather an avenue to engage with others in need. We care about the "face in the crowd;" we pursue those who are the oft overlooked townsfolk.