Led by: Michael Maw

Gathers weekly: Mondays at 6:30 p.m.  

Imagine a hurting, inner-city neighborhood hearing, seeing, and experiencing the good news daily. Imagine the Ridgeway Neighborhood counting on a group of Christians to humbly serve and pray for them. The reality of this gospel paired with Christian service could empower children and teens to become community leaders at the Boys and Girls Club, impact older people and those with special needs at Oak Towers, and help Latinos learn English at Centro Latino. Imagine an abandoned lot turned into a community garden and arts camp for kids. This is the picture of redemption that we grasp tightly to, and want for all of the hearts of the broken. This is good and glorifies God. This place, the Ridgeway Neighborhood, is waiting for you and me to step up, commit, and live out the gospel.