Give to the Legacy Fund


As we celebrate a Decade of Grace in Karis Church, we’ll spend time looking back, thanking the Lord for what He has done. However, we don’t just want to look to the past. We want to keep building for the future.   Our desire is for Karis Church to keep going, should God permit, sharing the gospel and planting churches. We’re seeking to build a legacy in God’s grace. Through the Legacy Fund, our purpose is to lay the foundation for another decade of work at home, in our city, and in our world. Our goal is to raise $90,000. Would you prayerfully consider giving toward this fund? (click here if you're ready to give now)  

HOME – $30,000

This third of the fund will provide for needed improvements at Karis Westside, allowing us to keep doing ministry there for years ahead. Part of this amount will go toward Karis Jeff City, allowing them to continue to plant the gospel there in our capital. We will also establish a Building Fund, so we’ll be more ready for opportunities that present themselves down the road.  

CITY - $30,000

This will also be utilized in three ways. Some will go to Mercy Ministry projects in our city. Part will go toward our Imago Gallery and Cultural Center, as we seek to move it toward greater independence. Some will also go toward rebuilding our Fellowship Fund to help needy people inside and outside of our congregation.  

WORLD - $30,000

The last third will fund three things from here in Columbia to the ends of the earth. Some will fund potential New Partners that we’re looking into internationally. Part will go directly to our Current Partners - those we’ve sent or are sending to Brazil, Japan, and elsewhere. Still some of the funds will go into our Church Planting Fund as we seek to plant new congregations locally.   We’re greatly excited for how God might use this fund to spread the gospel in Mid-Missouri and beyond. If you're ready, you can give at this secure site.   Within Karis, we’ll be taking a special offering this Easter for the Legacy Fund. This will be an above-and-beyond offering for Karis Church members. Our primary desire is to share it with friends and family and those who’ve been impacted by Karis in the past. If you were a part of the past 10 years and were blessed during your time in Karis, would you consider helping us lay the foundation for the next 10 years? If you have children or loved ones who’ve been impacted by our ministry of grace, would you pray about giving, also? Please spread the word. Please pray for Karis as we look back and rejoice and look ahead with hope this April.   Click to give now

Join us in our Legacy Campaign this spring in Karis Church.