Driscoll Nightline Debate Now Online

Karis is proud to be a part of the Acts 29 Network and to be supported monthly financially by Mars Hill Church.  The church's pastor is Mark Driscoll.  This week, Mark was on ABC's Nightline, debating the existence of Satan.  He did a fabulous job.  The video is found here.  The website is a bit messed up.  Some persistence is required.  Sometimes the video just randomly starts over and you have to replay it.  But the debate is well-worth watching.  Great job, brother!

On Mercenary Signature-Seekers

Right now I'm sitting in the window of Kaldi's Coffee House in downtown Columbia.  I am watching this mercenary outside seek signatures for some petition to get something on the upcoming ballot.  Columbia is slammed-- and I mean slammed-- with these dudes right now.  You can't walk down 9th Street without getting accosted multiple times. First, do you think this is how people view traditional, evangelical evangelism methods today?

Second, what is the Christ-like way to handle these requests?  These people are everywhere!