Saturate Field Guide

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

-Habakkuk 2:14

As Karis Church settles in to her new neighborhood, a host of new challenges are presented. How do we make disciples in a neighborhood that is unfamiliar to us? How do we find the time to share the Gospel with all our daily responsibilities? How and why do we share the Gospel at all?

A few months ago, Karis Church finished the Jeff Vanderstelt book Saturate as a part of our semi-regular OneRead effort. Saturate functions as a sort of primer on the concept of discipleship, which Vanderstelt defines as “leading others to increasingly submit all of life (time, work, relationships, finances, sexuality, leisure, etc) to the empowering presence and lordship of Jesus Christ.” Beginning in March, Karis Church will move on to the companion piece to Saturate.

The Saturate Field Guide is a collection of prayers, exercises and discussion prompts intended to spur believers toward mission. All Missional Communities (MC’s) in Karis will be working through this book together as small families of disciples. We recommend you purchase your copy this week so that you have time to read the first chapter before your first MC discussion.

We are selling limited quantities of the book on Sunday mornings, but you can also grab a copy online on Amazon.

We are excited to begin this OneRead with you. If you are new to Karis, this is the perfect time to visit a few and dive in. You can find more information about our MC’s here.