Grow Deeper Through Karis Lead School

Karis Church is excited to launch Lead School once again this year. The program is designed for those who want to grow in leadership but don’t have the time or resources to participate in the Karis Internship. It’s perfect for laypeople who want to pursue lay leadership or investigate the possibility of vocational ministry. Beginning the week of September 9th, students will participate in three components that will deepen their understanding of the gospel and ministry.

  1. Porterbrook Courses. Porterbrook is a fantastic, in-church theological curriculum that Karis has used for years. Participants learn in weekly cohorts, through reading articles and watching videos, and coming together to discuss them as a group. Porterbrook requires registering for courses that come at a small fee. Again, many Karis folks are PB grads. Ask them. They’ll tell you how worth it the program is.

  2. Theology Workshops. Cohorts will join together as one, once a month on a Sunday night, for a discussion on theology and how it impacts life and ministry. Articles will be assigned for each session that must be read in advance.

  3. Ministry Projects. Each Lead School participant will work with a Karis elder on a ministry leadership project. That project will be determined with that elder based on interest, gifting, and church need. Students will be coached by that pastor throughout the project.

Students agree to participate in all three areas for the duration of the year. The first year takes students through Porterbrook’s foundation year. A second year is available, and is highly encouraged, but it is optional. In addition, students could opt to just participate in Porterbrook Learning, but the entire program is highly recommended.

Interested? Here are the steps to get involved:

  1. Fill out the application found here.

  2. A brief interview, either face-to-face or by phone, will then follow.

  3. You will then be assisted in joining a Porterbrook cohort that works for your schedule. A cohort discussion leader will be chosen for each group out of students enrolled.

  4. Once placed in a cohort (and not before), students should then enroll online in the relevant Porterbrook Courses (for example, Fall Term courses are: Gospel Change; The Bible in Missional Perspective; Gospel Community; Evangelism) and download relevant material. Be sure to use the provided discount code when you register.

  5. Students will discuss and finalize their ministry projects with a Karis pastor.

To gather more information or ask questions, contact Darren Swanson. As mentioned previously, Lead School starts the week of September 9th. Students will come ready to discuss the first week at that first session. We’ll be finalizing Porterbrook cohorts in the next week or two. Fill out the application as soon as possible.