Will You Consider a Year-End Gift to Karis?

The end of the fiscal year is coming up, and you may have heard the exciting news that Karis Church has met their targeted giving for the 2017-18 year! It is such an encouragement to know that our church family takes the call to give so seriously, and as always we are deeply grateful for the cheerful and sacrificial giving of men and women in our church. 

With just a few days left until the end of the fiscal year, Karis Church would like to show the same generosity that we've received. From now until June 30th, 50% of every dollar given to the Karis Church General Fund will be split up between our Global Mission partners in Japan, Brazil and North Carolina, with the other half going to replenish our Opportunity Fund. 

So far, Karis Church has received more than $5,000 past than our expected giving. All of this money will go to our missionaries as extra financial support as well as top up the Opportunity Fund that we recently used to replace our failing Westside AC Unit (a cost of around $13,000). We hope to pull in more end-of-the-year donations over the next three days and bless our brothers and sisters serving as missionaries with an unexpected bonus for their labors.

If you've never given to Karis Church before, now is a great time to start! You can begin an automatic giving account on GivingFire, a website that processes financial contributions as frequently as you wish. Just select the "General Fund" option to contribute to this particular effort.

Maybe you've been coming to Karis for a long time and are a regular giver. We are so grateful for your faithfulness! Would you consider going above-and-beyond with a financial gift by June 30th?

If you've never given to a church before and aren't sure why you should, then take a moment to check out this blog post about the purpose and heart behind our financial offerings. 

All donations to Karis Church are tax-deductible. As we prepare for our future as a church body and send out more missionaries this year, we look forward to your continued support. Thank you for your generosity!