Why Do We Say We Start at "11ish"?

11ish? Why would a church state that as a worship time? Karis Church is blessed to share the worship space of Calvary Baptist Church. Their worship service begins at 9:15. The Karis worship Gathering is officially slated to begin at 11:00. The changeover begins at approximately 10:30. As with Karis’s own Gathering, Calvary’s service can occasionally go past its “official” end-time. Setting up and soundchecking can sometimes take longer than expected, as well. That’s why our start-time is 11ish–sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

We recommend you arrive before 11, as usual, ready for fellowship and worship. Grab a cup of coffee and meet someone new. The church is not a “service.” It’s a family. God is using these extra moments to continue building the rich community we experience in Karis. Finally, here’s one more tip: eat a hearty breakfast, as we don’t start at 11ish and end at noon! Head out with some new friends for lunch following the Gathering.