Women's Katalyst on November 9

We seem to live in a state of perpetual discontent, always looking ahead toward the next goal: When I go to college… When I graduate from college… When I move away from home… When I move back home… When I have my own house… When I get a new job… When I get married… When I have kids… When the kids are out of diapers… When the kids are out of the house… When I have more money… When I retire…

We work feverishly to reach the next big thing in life, only to be disappointed when we realize that we’re the exact same person with the same flaws and shortcomings as before.

On Saturday, November 9, women are encouraged to invite a friend and bring a brunch dish to share in the Fellowship Hall for this time of teaching and growing. Brooke Danielsen and Laura Gutwein will be leading a discussion about what women can do to pursue true contentment. Katalyst will be from 9 to 11 a.m.