Karis Gathering Preview: Kevin Cawley to Preach Sunday

Karis has for some time had the privilege to be a supporting church of Kevin Cawley and his friends at Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City.  Redeemer is a new church in mid-town, the area near Westport -- basically between the Plaza and Downtown KC.  For some time that area has desperately needed a gospel-proclaiming church.  So, when we heard about Cawley and his teammates Kris McKee and Wes Crawford going there, we were excited.  God has really blessed their efforts there.  We're glad to be a part of it. This Sunday, Kevin will preach in the Sunday Worship Gathering at Karis.  He'll be joining us to share what God is doing there and share with us some words about the Christian Sabbath.  Join us at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts for a time of singing, preaching, and celebrating around the Lord's table.