Karis Gathering Review: 03.15.09

We had a great Gathering yesterday.  We had a good crowd and lots of energy.  The band did a smaller, rock band set (Michael on drums, Bobby on bass, Brady on electric, Luke on acoustic).  They did the following songs:

  1. "Come You Saints" (from Fuse of Sovereign Grace)
  2. "We Have Not Known Thee" (Mars Hill)
  3. "Let Us Love And Sing And Wonder" (Indelible Grace)
  4. "Awake My Soul" (Sandra McCracken)
  5. "Who Is This, So Weak and Helpless?" (Indelible Grace)
  6. "What Love Is" (The Journey)

I preached from Luke 11:37-54.  We considered "Jesus, Our Righteousness."  We looked at the conduct of the Pharisees, a way of life we all can struggle with, what I called a "performance mentality".  Here were the points covered yesterday:

Jesus, Our Righteousness (Luke 11:37-54) 1. The rebuke summarized in two words:

  • "Fools!" (v. 40)
  • "Woe!" (vv. 42-52)

2. This religion characterized by six flaws:

  • Religious people delight in judgments (v. 38).
  • Religious people rely upon rules (vv. 38, 42).
  • Religious people focus on externals (vv. 39-41).
  • Religious people seek after approval (v. 43).
  • Religious people fight against criticism (vv. 38, 45, 47-51, 53-54)
  • Religious people lead to destruction (vv. 44, 52)

3. Performance approach: doing external acts, attempting to earn favor with God and receive applause from humans, while criticizing those that can’t hang with you, and lashing out at those who don’t affirm you.

4. The futility of performance:

  • Gap between us in our sin and God in holiness is too big
  • No amount of our deeds can bridge the gap, impress God
  • Matthew 5:20, 48; p. 810-811

5. The answer in the gospel:

  • A relationship
  • With a person
  • Among a people
  • Based on His work

6. The results of religion:

  • What it does to us
  • What it says to God
  • What it does in the church
  • How it impacts the city

7. The difference of the gospel:

  • Instead of condemning, mercy
  • Instead of rule-keeping, power
  • Instead of masking, transformation
  • Instead of boasting, worship
  • Instead of defending, openness
  • Instead of destroying, life

8. The glory of the gospel:

  • Wisdom and blessing
  • Joy, honor, love, grace