Karis Theology Weekend Audio Now Up

This November 7-9 Karis hosted Dr. Bruce Ware from Southern Seminary for our "Theology Weekend."  Each session has now been posted to our website.  All sessions were fantastic, but you may particularly want to check out the Friday night forum or Sunday's sermon on God's self-sufficiency.  If you wrestle with the tension between God's sovereignty and human responsibility, definitely listen to the talk on His "sovereign supremacy."  Ok, you get the point; they were all amazing!  You can download byDr. Bruce Ware clicking on the links below or by subscribing to the Karis Community Church podcast in iTunes. "Only One Way? A Forum and Discussion on Jesus and Salvation" (featuring Dr. Bruce Ware, Dr. Paul Moessner, and Rev. Kristin Powell)

"Beholding the God of Merciful Holiness" with Dr. Bruce Ware

"Beholding the God of Self-Sufficient Fullness" with Dr. Bruce Ware 

"Beholding the God of Sovereign Supremacy" with Dr. Bruce Ware 

"Beholding the God of Trinitarian Glory" with Dr. Bruce Ware