Loving LEAD

Luke, Rob, Jeremy, and I are over at The Journey for the the LEAD conference.  It has been great.  There are a lot of great A29 guys here.  The sessions have been super.  Darrin Patrick preached on "Gospel Centered Repentance," and it was really challenging and helpful.  Dr. Bryan Chappell's message on "Gospel-Centered Preaching" is a must-listen for preachers.  I wish I would have heard that message 10 years ago!  Bob Thune and Daniel Montgomery's stuff on "Gospel DNA" has been really great, also.  Eric Mason from Philly has preached twice, and his energy and love for the gospel is great.  One thing is so striking about the conference: whether it's an inner-city guy from Philadelphia or a suburban white dude from the Midwest, the message is still the same--Jesus is amazing!  His gospel is glorious. I'm really thankful to be a part of Acts 29.  The fellowship is incredible.  I'm taking part in Thursday's assessment sessions as an assessor for the first time.  I don't know that I feel qualified, but I'm still happy to help.

This has been a super time.  I'm really sensing the Lord challenging me and changing me.  And I'm really thankful for both the comraderie with A29 guys, but also the fellowship with guys on our team from Karis.  God is good.