Sunday's Gathering at Karis

Last Sunday, was great-- our third in the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts downtown. The band was again amazing. I am so blessed to have Luke leading, along with the great team with which he has surrounded himself. They did a new song from Mars Hill-- "At Your Feet." I dig it. I preached on Karis becoming a "City of Light." Preaching from Luke 8:16-18, I talked about, first, how the light must be shared and not hidden, and second, about how that hidden will be revealed and judged. This completed our three-part mini-series entitled, "A City Within A City." Below are links for the three messages. If you want to know more about the Karis vision, these are a great place to start.

"A City of Faith" (Luke 8:22-25) "A City of Love" (Luke 8:19-21) "A City of Light" (Luke 8:16-18)