Chase Update: 07.23.08

Just got back from seeing Chase at Rusk Rehabilitation.  He is so much better.  He is sitting up and trying to mouth words.  The occupational therapist was working with him on sorting playing cards and change, and he was doing great.  It is a bit hard to see him struggle at times with those types of things, but the amazing thing is to see the huge steps he has made since last week.  The people I have talked to expect a full recovery.  This is great news.

From Chase's Care Page:

Hey guys, I know it has been a while since there has an update posted and I am sorry for that. Although there have been a lot of amazing things that have been happening with Chase. On monday Chase was moved from University Hospital to Rusk Rehab Center. This is a great place for him and we have already seen amazing improvement just over the past two days. Chase is no longer relying on supplemental oxygen and is breathing on his own. He is also becoming more and more alert to everything around him each and every day. At rusk he has busy days. He meets with speech therapists, OT's, and PT's everyday. Yesterday I was able to go with him to his speech therapist and it was such a blessing. They test Chase's brain a lot with different test that Chase did really well with. They also tried to get him to talk, He tried really hard but just is not quite there yet. He continues to impress us each and everyday and become more like Chase each and everyday. Thank you all for continuing to pray for Chase and his family. Keep his family in your prayers as both his parents had to return to work and his sister is now there all the time, she is doing amazing! Thank you for loving and caring for Chase and his family!

In His Grace, Josh Blackman