Sermon: 6 Truths from Luke 6:43-45 (and the rest of Scripture)

I didn't manuscript yesterday.  I'm still working on my approach.  But here are six things I shared with our congregation yesterday, heavily influenced by the book How People Change, as well as our recent C-Group study on idolatry.

  1. We are all one of two kinds of trees: biblically, apart from grace, we're bad trees.
  2. Our tree is determined by our root: our hearts make us who we are.
  3. Our root is tested by our heat: our circumstances, particularly difficult ones, or heat, test us and refine us. (Note: our therapeutic culture tells us the CAUSE is outside of us)
  4. Our heat results in certain fruit: trials bring out our true colors, particularly in our words
  5. Our fruit displays the type of our tree: we should examine ourselves (2 Cor. 13:5) and others (Mt. 7:15-20).
  6. Our tree can be transformed by the cross: we need the New Covenant promise of new hearts that produce new fruit (Note: our therapeutic culture tells us that the CURE is found inside us)