Ooh, Heaven is a Place on Earth

I've really eheaven.jpgnjoyed Heaven is a Place on Earth: Why Everything You Do Matters to God by Michael Wittmer. This will be a Karis book table title as soon as I can swing it. Again, I don't really bother to do reviews on this blog, but here are some helpful points from the book.

  • In an interesting, engaging way, he lays out the redemptive story of creation to new creation.
  • He argues persuasively that our hope is for the resurrection of the body and of all things.
  • He shows how evangelical Christianity has missed this and has rather taught a dualistic system that disdains all things material.
  • He gives a strong apology for the Christian in the workplace, doing ministry in that critical sphere.
  • He explains how Christians are called to develop culture-- working right alongside unbelievers--but also to redeem it, correcting ways it has been messed up by the fall.

I could say much more, but certainly check out this great title whenever you can!