Karis Music Set: 06.22.08

Saturday I'm meeting my long-time, much-loved buddy, Alan Davis for breakfast in Springfield.  His influence on me regarding music and worship can't be exaggerated.  Interestingly, I'm also leading music at Karis on Sunday, something I haven't done in quite some time.  Scott Ratliff is preaching.  Luke is visiting another area church in town, just to get away and learn.  So I'm doing the tuneage, along with Bobby on keys, Michael on fiddle, Chad on 'lectric, and Scott S. on the cajon.  Here is the song-set:

  1.  "The Glory of God" - a kickin' Mars Hill song that I can't get enough of
  2. "Before the Throne of God Above" - an amazing proclamation of the gospel from Sovereign Grace
  3. "To Christ the Lord" - an Indelible Grace updated hymn; probably my favorite worship tune right now
  4. "The Power of the Cross" - a piano-driven Getty tune that I really dig
  5. "Better is One Day" - old school Redman that really fits with this week's passage
  6. "Wholly Yours" - Crowder at his finest - great tune

If you're anywhere near CoMo this weekend, come visit Karis and worship with the B-team worship dude.  The sermon won't be B-grade, though.