Jammin' at the VA

Last night, our Community Group visited the Veterans' Hospital in Columbia.  Each of our C-Groups in Karis commits to finding and investing in a local mercy ministry or social justice project.  We have been going to the VA Hospital the last several months, but this was the best night ever.  Why?  Because I brought my guitar, and my man Michael Schembre brought his violin, and we jammed.  Or, I should say, he jammed.  But I held my own (for the most part).  We just played old hymns for probably an hour, and the old veterans loved it, and our other C-Group pals mingled and got to know some of the guys.  I can't wait to have our man Brady back in town to bring his mandolin or guitar, and we'll tear the house down.  I'm excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst at Karis.