Yeah, You Missed Out

Today, I re-read this article. It was written before Chase Daniel's breakout season last year. Daniel, who grew up in Texas as a huge Longhorns fan, wasn't recruitedChase Daniel initially by UT, because they were hard after Ryan Perrilloux. Well, that quarterback chose LSU instead. Texas made a last ditch effort to get Daniel, but he had already committed to Mizzou, and he stood by his commitment. The Longhorns ended up with Colt McCoy, and Daniel has clearly ended up as a better player than McCoy and Perrilloux. In fact, Perrilloux got kicked off of the LSU team this week. To get to my point, the above article on Daniel had this humorous story about his first interaction with the blue-chip, can't miss QB that made Texas miss out on him. Writes ESPN reporter Bruce Feldman,

Later that summer, while attending the Elite 11 QB camp in California, Daniel met Perrilloux. They didn't exactly hit it off.

"I was so tired of hearing him run his mouth," Daniel says. "He was like, 'I'm the best at everything,' so I challenged him."

"Let's run a 40-[yard dash]," Daniel said to Perrilloux in front of all the other campers. "Back up your talk."

They raced and Daniel said he beat Perrilloux by two yards. The Louisiana QB said he slipped and asked for a rematch after he put his cleats on.

"Next time I beat him by a yard," Daniel said with a smile.

Maybe you shouldn't just a kid just based on his height? What about character? Moxie?