Horton on the "Culture War"

Read this article by Michael Horton that sums up well, I think, the point of the Evangelical Manifesto I mentioned yesterday.  From the article:

We propose a two-fold strategy. First, we will have to clear up this confusion about the gospel and cultural values. Being pro-choice I believe is morally wrong, but it is not heretical. God will never be anyone's mascot and will never allow himself to be worshipped in either the carved image of the donkey or the elephant. We cannot impose our will on the American electorate anymore and we will have to stop it. We'll have to stop shaking our fists at our neighbors. We must call the church to a cease-fire with the world over gays in the military and engage in spiritual warfare for their hearts and minds for the first time perhaps in forty years. Second, we'll not only have to recover gospel proclamation, but we'll have to learn how to interact positively again with our culture. When the church was facing a really hostile culture in the first century--a lot more hostile than ours--Paul instructed the early Christians to "Make it your ambition to lead a quite life to work well with your hands so that you may win the respect of outsiders and have enough to give those in need."