Karis: The Next Act

The next three weeks at Karis, we will continue our information campaign about "the NEXT ACT" in the life of Karis Community Church. On August 24th of this year, we will begin worshipping on Sundays in the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts. Below is the text of a brochure we will hand out on Sunday mornings, as well as a schedule of events. The Next Act

The story of Karis Community Church began on the first Sunday of June 2005.  Kevin Larson and his wife, Amy, and, at the time, his son, Hadley, pulled up in a moving van in northwest Columbia.  They came to start a church that would sink her roots deeply in downtown Columbia and seek the city’s good.  Kevin began a job at the Cherry Street Artisan that same Tuesday, seeking a team to help make a vision a reality.  Slowly, but surely, God has answered the prayers of many. 


In August of that year, a handful of people met for a Bible study in the Larson basement.  They began discussing what a healthy church might look like, and prayed for God to birth the same.  Early that winter, that group began meeting in the house’s living room.  Slowly God was growing their number, bringing together of a people burdened to see a city changed. 


God opened up a door in “the District” in early 2006.  The young congregation began meeting in the Tiger Ballroom the week before Easter.  19 people came to the Easter worship Gathering.  It was a small group, but a historic day.  Karis, then known as Grace Church, was in downtown Columbia, and, Lord willing, there to stay. 


The next year saw slow, steady growth as the vision for the new church spread.  Almost one year later, on April 22nd of 2007, Karis constituted as church, installing her first leaders.  23 founding members signed the charter documents, Karis Community Church’s statement of faith and covenant.  The Tiger Ballroom has been the meeting place ever since. 


Later that year, Kevin approached Missouri Theatre director David White, inquiring as to the possibility of Karis meeting in the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.  White agreed, and Kevin, Luke Daugherty, and Scott Ratliff, the founding elders of Karis, signed a rental agreement soon thereafter.  This fall, beginning on August 24th, Karis will begin worshipping in the historic theatre.  Following a multi-million-dollar renovation project to be completed this May, the Theatre will open as arguably the finest performing arts hall in the Midwest.  It will truly be a privilege for Karis to call the Missouri Theatre her new home. 


The benefits of the move for Karis will be many.  There will be significantly more space for children.  A state of the art sound system will be provided.  It will bring instant name recognition to people invited for worship.  It is right in the heart of “the District,” just blocks from the Mizzou campus.  Interestingly, the cost, as compared to the Tiger, will be almost the same.  Yet it seats 1200 people, providing more than enough room to allow more Columbians to hear the gospel of Jesus and be part of a church planting movement in this city and beyond. 


Having begun just a short time ago, the story of Karis continues on.  This fall will bring “the next act” as she heads two blocks away into the brand-new Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.  Be in prayer about this transition.  And seek the Lord as to how you can labor by His grace to see this move happen as smoothly as possible.  Join with Karis Community Church as she strives to be “in the city… for the city” for the glory of God alone.  

  We will spend four weeks at Karis anticipating our move together into the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts this fall.  The final two weeks of May 4th and 11th, we will take up an offering to contribute to expenses related to the move (curtain dividers, drum set, aesthetic elements, children’s equipment, etc.).  Our goal for that offering is $5000.  Be in prayer about how God would lead you to coThe Theatre in Remodelingntribute.  There will additionally be opportunities those Sundays for you to commit to specific ways in late summer to publicize this anticipated change of venues for Karis on August 24th, 2008.  We look forward to what God will do in “the next act” of Karis. 


April 20  Introducing the Move

April 27  The Move Explained

7:00 p.m. – Prayer Walk Downtown followed by 8:00 p.m. Prayer Meeting at 908 E. Walnut.

May 4  About the Theatre (special offering, sign-ups)

That week – Day of fasting ended in feasting with C-Groups in an extended time of prayer for the Theatre move.

May 11  Meeting the Theatre (special offering, sign-ups)

Gathering – David White, the Executive Director of the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, will join us, sharing a bit about his hopes for the Theatre.  Following the Gathering, he will lead us on a tour of our new home.