Using Gmail as a Pastoral Database

I've shared elsewhere my love for Gmail.   But recently, my affection has skyrocketed.  I read this post, and my mind started churning. For some time, I had been storing articles and sermon illustrations that I came across on the internet by using Google Bookmarks, which is a part of the Google Toolbar.  Google's bookmark system is great, because, like other Google features, it travels with you to several computers via the net.  But because the bookmark lines are only so long, it's hard to figure out what's what in the list.  Additionally, I often go back and find that the links are broken.  In addition, the bookmarks aren't searchable.  So this was working, but it wasn't ideal. Here's my new plan.  With Google Toolbar still installed, whenever I find an article or news story-- anything that might be helpful in a sermon or in ministry-- I click on "send to" and choose Gmail.  This brings that website up as an email.  I then choose my own email address and email it to myself.  Then I take the email and give it a label like "Articles: Humility" or "Illustrations: Humility" or "Quotes: Humility" and archive it in Gmail.  Voila!  I now can look at things by choosing one of those categories or, even cooler, I can search emails for the word "humility" and watch all of the various articles, quotes, and illustrations pop up to read and print.

True, I need to back-up this information (set-up another email account and forward a copy of each), and if Google dies (unlikely for some time), I'm in trouble, but for now, this is one awesome system!