Meet the Linnemans

Beginning February 1st, Jeremy Linneman will begin serving as an intern at Karis. He will do a number of things, but, in particular, he will work with our Community Groups. Jeremy is a Kansas City native who loves the Royals (yes, it's true), the Chiefs (why he was accepted as an intern), and, of course, the Tigers.  He works currently part-time as a forklift operator while he serves Karis and takes classes from Southern Seminary.  He has a bachelor's degree from Mizzou in the sciences.  His desire is to plant a church in a college town that is big enough to have a major league baseball team.  The best part of Jeremy is his wife Jessie.  I got to work with her at the Cherry Street Artisan before the Linnemans even visited Karis.  She is a sweetheart and the perfect pastor's wife.  Her husband is a gifted communicator and has a heart for the Lord and His people.  I'm excited to introduce the Linnemans to you.  And, if you're looking for a worthy cause to which you can donate some funds, consider contributing to Jeremy's fundraising campaign.  And pray for them regularly, please. linnemans.jpg