Thinking "Christianly"

This summarizes a key goal of "Theology at the Forge," as well as the overall ministry of Karis:

"The renewed mind."  The mind of Christ."  "The Christian mind."  Harry Blamires popularised this third expression in his book of that title, which since its publication in 1963 has had widespread influence.  By a "Christian mind" he is referring to not a mind occupied with specifically "religious" topics, but to a mind which can think about even the most "secular" topics "Christianly," that is, from a Christian perspective.  It is not the mind of a schizoid Christian who "hops in and out of his Christian mentality as the topic of conversation changes from the Bible to the day's newspaper."  No, the Christian mind, he writes, is "a mind trained, informed, equipped to handle data of secular controversy within a framework of reference which is constructed of Christian presuppositions" (John Stott).