Join Us for Theology at the Forge

This Monday, November 5th, Karis will be hosting another round of "Theology at the Forge." We will be discussing "The Mom and Pops Vs. the Chain Shops: A Negotiable Peace?" Luke Daugherty leads this key Karis event. Join us at the Forge & Vine, on 7th Street (between Cherry and Locust) in downtown Columbia. Get in on the conversation. Here is the description from Like many other towns, Columbia has seen the influx of many chains and large corporations in the last decade. Along with the growth, this brings new tensions and potential divisions about where our loyalties as consumers should lie. If we as citizens care about the good of our communities, where should we shop? The chains, where we can save money to be spent and saved elsewhere, or the “mom and pops,” where uniqueness and truly local flourishing are said to be pursued? Do we really need to choose one or the other? Are these decisions merely ones of preference and need, or are they tied to our values and morals? Bring your opinions and an open-mind.