Keller: "The Centrality of the Gospel"

keller2.jpgEvery once in awhile, I read something or hear something that is lifechanging.  It comes along and radically impacts the way I see reality.  It refines how I understand our Lord.  Reading Desiring God by John Piper back in the mid to late-90s had that sort of impact on me.  Sometime in the last two or three years, I came across Tim Keller's ministry, and, particularly, his article entitled, "The Centrality of the Gospel."  In last night's Katalyst meeting, we discussed this article, among other things.  In preparation for this meeting, I was reminded just how powerful Keller's words hit me the first time I read it, and, now, each time I read it again, it seems like God teaches me even more. There are two key things he argues in the article.  First, the gospel applies to not just the unbeliever, but the believer.  All of the Christian life should be lived in light of the gospel.  This may seem obvious, but I don't think it is for most of evangelicalism.  Second, the gospel stands opposed to two things, not one.  Both legalism or moralism and relativism or hedonism are contrary to the gospel of our Lord.  I encourage you to read Keller's article.