On Online Dating

Josh Harris posted on his blog this week an article from a friend named Isaac Hydoski on online dating.  This is as good as it gets on the subject.  Quite honestly, as a pastor, the whole thing gave me the weebie-jeebies just a bit, but I wasn't sure what to say in response.  Now, I don't want Karis to be hard-core and legalistic about this, but I think this sums up my concerns quite well.  Best about the article is the robust ecclesiology that is at its foundation.  For example, check out this section listed under "concerns": Loss of protection from church community • Many singles in our community are not involving family or friends in this process due the "stigma" associated with online dating. • You lose the benefit of dating someone known by others you trust. • You do not have the benefit of seeing the fruit of their life lived out in a local church context. • Your impressions of the potential match are almost entirely dependent on their self-disclosure and are subject to their honesty or lack thereof.

Yes, that's a huge problem with online dating.  You don't get to live in the context of the church with the person and see him or her in action, and your brothers and sisters in Christ are removed from the process when they should be your primary source of encouragement and accountability.  Great stuff!  Check out the rest of it here.