Mark Driscoll's Banned Video

I can't believe I forgot to post on this, but Mars Hill's Mark Driscoll spoke at the New Church Conference recently in Florida. He and his video people at the church put together an excellent video describing the type of man needed to plant a church in today's culture. They played the video at the conference, and Bill Hybels, known for his egalitarian views, got up and ripped on it. He said something like, "Don't women have spiritual gifts, also?" The invertebrates holding the conference decided not to give out the thousands of videos the church labored to produce, fearful of potential backlash. So the encouraging and challenging video has been made available by Mars Hill. Let this be a reminder how counter-cultural the biblical, complementarian understanding of gender roles has become. And let those out there calling Driscoll and Acts 29 "emergent" and soft on truth humbly reconsider. His church was recently picketed for Driscoll's position (required for all A29 planters). Happened to you lately?  Watch the video here.