A New Breed of Evangelicals?

Here's an interesting article from the New York Times.  It argues that there is a "new breed" of evangelical now that is as much concerned about historically "liberal" causes as it is about the traditionally conservative ones, like abortion.  However, the article notes that young evangelicals are still very pro-life, but, citing Barna, claims they are more open to gay marriage and the like.   I would dispute the latter.  Honestly, Barna's polls perplex me most of the time, and I don't put too much stock in them.  How helpful is it, for example, when he allows, in his polls, for people to be called "born again" and believe there are multiple ways to the Lord?  Regardless, I have seen the thesis of this article up-close as I've worked to plant a church here in Columbia.  First of all, I fit this mold.  Second, almost all the young people I encounter think along the same lines.  And I also see a parallel passion for theology in younger people.  I would say that each of these issues, like the environment, for example, are driven by the teachings of Scripture, by sound theology.  And this, in part, explains some of the resistance to the old-line "religious right" conservatives like Falwell and Robertson.  Where, for example, in Scripture does it teach that the free market rules?  That the borders should be sealed?  I could go on.  Check out the article.